Software Development

Build Software That Meet Your Needs

Our Software Services

Experience the power of our pre-built applications and software solutions, seamlessly integrated with a web-based command center for instant updates on ongoing processes. Track and oversee all activities through an interactive dashboard, utilizing the gathered data to enhance the value delivered to both your business and customers in real-time. Nonetheless, we can customize according to your needs as well!

Order Management Software

Boost your business with Xameon's Smart Order System. It makes orders from start to finish a breeze, going paperless for less hassle. With quick and easy authorization, you get real-time info for better decisions. Elevate your service, empower your team — it's that simple!

Quotation Management Software

Simplify the entire quoting process, from creation to approval, and say goodbye to manual hassles. Enjoy real-time tracking, streamline communication, and ensure accuracy in every quote. Elevate your efficiency and customer satisfaction with our user-friendly solution designed for seamless quotation management.

Sales Management System

Gain real-time insights, track performance, and enjoy simplified pricing approvals for a smoother sales process. Maximize efficiency, make smarter decisions, and accelerate growth—all in one powerful solution.

CRM Software

Replaces messy spreadsheets, helping you keep all your customer info and communications in one neat place. It's your secret weapon for staying organized, saving time, and wowing your clients with quick and efficient service.

Auto-billing System

Xameon's Auto-billing System is like your personal finance assistant. It takes the hassle out of billing by automatically handling recurring payments. No more manual invoicing – our system ensures timely and accurate billing, giving you peace of mind. Simplify your financial tasks and stay focused on what matters most to you and your business with Xameon's Auto-billing System.

Procurement System

It is your key to hassle-free purchasing. Imagine a tool that makes buying supplies as easy as a few clicks—no more paperwork headaches. It saves time, cuts costs, and keeps your suppliers in check. Simplify your purchasing game with Xameon's Procurement System.

Inventory System

Keeps everything in order, so you always know what you have and when to restock. No more guessing games or running out of products. Stay organized, save time, and keep your business flowing smoothly with our Inventory System.

Business Process & Operation System

It keeps everything running smoothly, from tasks to communication. Imagine a tool that makes everything easier, helping you get things done faster and smarter. Stay organized, make better decisions, and take your business to the next level with Xameon's system.

GPS Tracking

Is your ally in keeping track of workers on-site for services. It's a digital watchdog that ensures honest and efficient service by providing real-time location updates. Prevent time fraud, optimize schedules, and enhance accountability with Xameon's GPS Tracking.